Saturday, 19 June 2021

P7N fledging (twice!)

 Unlike P4N, there's better news about her sister P7N.

Of the two, P4N had a better first flight. Here's how P7N left the tray...

 Not very elegant!

Mind you, she managed to fly back the following morning and spent most of the day on the tray.

The next time she left the tray was also unplanned...


The good news is that she seems to be OK, and was spotted on the top of the tower the following evening.

Let's hope she will survive her first year and go on to find a mate and breed elsewhere.

Friday, 18 June 2021


 The last video wasn't too clear as to whether P4N flew back to the tray. I suspect that what actually happened was that she managed to cling to the sloping stonework to the side of the tray and what the camera saw was her arriving back.

There's no doubt this time that she is able to fly!!!

 She ended up grounded in a garden on the other side of the Abbey a little later, and had to be rescued by the Vale Wildlife Hospital at Beckford the following morning.

When she was looked at by the vet, it turns out that she had received an injury and which left her blind in one eye. This meant that she will unable to be returned to the wild and hopefully will find somewhere to live as part of a captive breeding programme.

Monday, 14 June 2021


 It's not possible to see exactly what's happened here, but it looks like P4N has just flown back to the tray. She certainly wasn't there a few minutes earlier as P7N has just been fed alone by the adult female Bella.


Hopefully more behavior like this will be seen over the next few days...