Thursday, 27 November 2014

All rather quiet at the moment.

It's been very quiet over the last few weeks, as it was during the same season in previous years.
Apart from some feathers on the tower roof indicating that there is some peregrine activity, I've not actually seen either bird, nor has the camera recorded any movement on the nesting tray. Hopefully things will start to liven up in the spring!
I had a quick look at church where Christopher Robin fledged in 2010.

This is Christchurch in Cheltenham, which is a stunning landmark in the area.
Dave Pearce has been looking after the peregrines here for the last 5 seasons, and 18 chicks have been reared in that time. It is worth following this link to see what's been going on there.
Of these 18 birds, only Christopher Robin has been positively identified to be still around, as one of the pair of birds at Tewkesbury Abbey.

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