Monday, 18 June 2018

One out of three?

The third and final chick should have arrived by now. Sadly it hasn't hatched, so it is rather unlikely that it ever will.

The surviving chick seems to be doing OK, and is certainly taking food and growing rapidly.

The WiFi is now working again. Here are the setup instructions :-

With an internet connection (eg at home), go to the Google Play store (Android) or the App Store (iPad). Search for and install the application called KViewPro.

Now standing in the churchyard between the Abbey and the Gander Lane car park, connect to the WiFi network called “Falcons”. The password is “peregrine”.

Now run the KViewPro application, choose "config" (or "device") and create a new device as follows :-

Device Name = tower
Login Type = IP/DOMAIN
IP Address =
Media Port = 9000
User Name = guest
Password = peregrine

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