Monday, 2 July 2018

17 days old - time to be ringed

Today was a very important day!

The chick has been ringed, and now has an identity of its own.

This is the only way that its progress can be followed once it leaves the nest, and allows the peregrine population as a whole to be monitored.

The process was carried out by members of the Gloucester Raptor Monitor Group.

The first stage was for Tim to abseil down the outside of the tower. (Rather him than me!)

When he reached the nesting tray, Tim gently picked up the chick, and with it safely stowed inside a tightly bound rucksack, it was lowered to the roof below.

 Rob (the licensed ringer) was at hand to get it out of the bag.

 Next, he fitted a metal ring on its right leg...

 and a plastic one on the left leg.

This ring has larger and more visible writing allowing it to be read from a distance. After this, some measurements were taken and it was weighed.

Meet "PDN"!

We don't yet know whether PDN is male or female. This can be determined from the measurements and weight data and Rob will let us know in due course.

Once we do know, then PDN will of course need a real name. I do have a couple of ideas however, please feel free to make your suggestions in the comments link below!

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