Monday, 27 May 2019


The two chicks are growing well, and one of them does now seem to be a little larger than the other. This could mean that it is a female.

While Bella broods the smaller chick, the larger one is starting to explore its surroundings.

Here it is enjoying a bit of early morning sunshine and having a bit of a preen.


  1. Listened to Breakfast on Radio 3 today where Petroc Trelawny gave the falcons a mention. Full marks for getting a camera up there! How did you do it without disturbing the birds?

  2. Thanks for your comments. Actually, the wooden nesting tray and the video camera were put on the side of the tower as soon as one bird was seen as a "just in case" way of managing them. If they had decided to nest on the tower roof, then this would mean that it would be out of bounds for 3 months or so. Regular access is required for tower tours as well as for putting a flag on the flagpole. The idea was that the nesting tray was more comfortable for the birds to breed than the roof (where there are no flat areas) and the camera was put there to keep an eye on what was happening. It's certainly generated lots of interest!